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whiskey crawl


it’s over now

and I

can no longer


the whiskey seized my temples,

shook me,

I stumbled

my head like a bag of irons.

I crawled

down the stairs

while dialing

a black car

and out to the curb

where I laid on my back.

I waited there for a while,

There were black bags of trash nearby,

it was cold, and painful when the wind blew,

a group walked by

and two of them laughed

and one of them gasped

and I smiled,

but no one seemed to notice

and the car arrived

and we shuttled over the bridge

where the street lights flashed

on the bridge cables

and steeped the shadows

among the dirty girders

as rain began to tap

like thumbtacks

on the glass.

and then home

where puddles pooled

and again I crawled

keys at the building

keys at the apartment

and undressed in the dark,

damp and uncertain

and hoisting into bed

where it all immediately

let go.

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