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My shoulder hurts, so I sit up straight.

My chair is crooked, so I set it right.

Who taught me how to sit?

Wires stick out of a box

for a transformer

(a power adapter) that would

attach to our furnace.

We were going to self-install it

and then my wife got nervous

that we were gonna fuck the whole thing up

and lose heat altogether.

So we put it back in the box

sort of, and left it on this shelf.

Next to it are hooks

for a broken mirror.

that we’ve been meaning

to take to a repair shop.

It’s fine

we got it free

and we weren’t the ones that broke it.

I might say the words:

death comes like a cold wind in the night.

But I don’t really think that’s true.

I mean, it is, sometimes, sure,

but death comes like everything from everywhere,

and yet like nothing from nowhere,

because it’s always there.

And it’s just that we feel its presence keenly every so often

and sometimes very swiftly.

Death has come in multitudes

and multiples and in facts and figures

and in estimates,

but we have been lucky and I should be grateful.

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