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Neil and Barney


I was sitting at my desk, working, on the 11th floor of a massive deco box on west 37th street, the suite number escapes me, when my named was shouted in a whisper, “Chuck!”

The receptionist and myself both craned from our monitors to see Barney leaning out his cubicle entrance from the low swivel chair. “Chuck!” he repeated with locked eye contact. He didn’t seem to notice that Jenn was also looking at him.

I stepped from my desk to his cubicle entrance. I stood over him and for a moment, he didn’t say anything. I thought of asking him what he wanted, when he asked, “you ever see Waterboy?”

“Of course.”

He rolled backwards and pointed his stubby finger at the screen. He’d changed the background to something with Rob Lowe’s character from Waterboy. There was a cartoon bubble with words, but I couldn’t read them under a clutter of desktop icons.

“That’s funny,” I replied.

“Did you read what it said?”

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